A summer in Tuscany cooking for rock band Walking Wounded is the job of Kate O’Neill’s dreams. So when Will Sargent, the band’s manager and Kate’s lifelong crush, offers her the position, she jumps at the chance.

But little does she know that the job is all part of a plot concocted by her eccentric mother, Grace to break up Kate’s recent engagement to her boyfriend, Brian. A parsimonious New Age guru, Brian has never fit in with the clannish, close-knit O’Neills, and Grace has high hopes that a summer living it up with gorgeous rock stars in a luxurious Italian villa will bring Kate to her senses.


And if romance should happen to blossom between Will and Kate when they’re thrown together under the Tuscan sun, so much the better.

But with spoilt WAGs, wayward musicians and Will’s jealous girlfriend to contend with, the rock-and-roll life isn’t all plain sailing for Kate.

As temperatures in the kitchen begin to heat up, will she realise her feelings for Will are stronger than ever, or will Grace’s plan backfire and send her running back to Brian?