Romy Fitzgerald likes to do things properly and in the right order. So she always thought she’d go the conventional route of boyfriend, marriage, children. Sex in a closet with a stranger dressed as Darth Vader was definitely not how she saw herself becoming a mother.

But she has no regrets. Her baby son, Luke is the best thing that ever happened to her. If only she knew who his father was … Because though she and ‘Darth’ shared their deepest, darkest secrets, they didn’t swap names or numbers.

One year after that fateful night, Romy is no closer to discovering the identity of her mystery man. But just as she’s ready to put it behind her and move on, an old flame comes back into her life and brings with him a whole new set of questions.

Kit was ‘the one who got away’ and Romy wonders if they can reignite their teenage romance. But Kit clearly has his own secrets to hide. Why is he so eager to play happy families with Romy and Luke? And where was he last Halloween?

Could Kit be Romy’s dark knight? Or is there another?